Pre-Natal Aqua Yoga

Aqua Natal is a great way to relax and stay active during pregnancy. Our Pre-Natal aqua sessions are all about nurturing you, the mother. Take time to connect with your baby, prepare your body for pregnancy and child birth and help to ease pregnancy symptoms and pains, whilst keeping your body toned and strong.  Allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and remain clam throughout all it will entail.

There are many benefits to aqua natal exercise, exercising in water and these are even more evident during pregnancy. Pre-Natal aqua sessions

  • offer a safe, gentle and effective way to tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • promote an intimate bond with your growing baby
  • nurtures calm and self-confidence through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy
  • allows access to better and deeper sleep during pregnancy, which contributes to reduce anxiety and fatigue
  • offer a low impact exercise regime to keep you feeling your best through pregnancy, helping your body to release endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, reduce your perception of pain and lower stress levels.
  • are thought to reduce complications during pregnancy. There have been some studies to support the claim that those who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to ask for epidurals during labor.
  • Allow you to quickly access deep relaxation.

What to expect:

The relief on first entering our tranquil pool, the feeling of lightness provided by the water and the chance to Stop. Breath. Reflect and Relax will leave you yearning for this small escape from the everyday grind. That moment of peace for you and your unborn child, a chance to take stock of all the changes taking place in your life which you feel powerless to control.  You get to share this feeling with like-minded women who are going through the same worries and anxieties in our small group sessions.

A typical Aqua yoga sessions covers several different activities; we start with a warm up and gentle stretches. We will then progress on to some sequence work, with movement specifically designed to assist your body in preparations for child birth and some moves you may find useful during labor.

We do a lot of work on deep breathing techniques and with that comes pelvic floor. We also look at adaptive swimming techniques for cardio and strength fitness during pregnancy. Gentle exercises optimising the use of the waters natural resistance and therefore remaining low impact on your joints will assist in toning your body all over. We will carry out a minimum of 10 minutes of relaxation each session, which includes positive visualisation and mindset. We finish with a group activity and a good cool down. The sessions are not physically assertive in the typical sense but being in the water with its resistive properties will work the body in a gentle way whilst giving you the support you need to avoid any discomfort whilst exercising.

Pre-natal Aqua yoga can be followed up with postnatal aqua yoga moves that will help you reclaim your abdominal and pelvic tone after giving birth. We have Postnatal Aqua natal sessions that can be either practiced with or without the baby.

Session Information

Price: Course of 6 sessions £55.00

Class length: 1 hour in pool time including 10 mins relaxation

Max 6 participants per class.

Aqua Natal classes must be booked in blocks of 6, any unused classes due to child birth can be carried over to our Post-Natal or Baby Classes.

Aqua Natal sessions are suitable to both swimmers and non-swimmers, and the exercises can be performed at a level suitable to your ability and confidence. Please be aware that our pool at Northside farm is deep at 1.5 m, and those under the height of 5ft 3in may struggle to reach the floor.

Please look out for our Post-Natal Classes starting soon, Contact us if your interested

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  • Our courses for the STA Awards Scheme
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